Designers in the Dark is a non-visual sensory workshop in the complete darkness. Participants tinker with several unknown materials in the dark during the workshop and “see” the outcome at the end.

As a designer we are bounded to what we can see that we seldom imagine the world of the #unseen. But what is beauty when nothing can be seen? Could we “design” in a complete darkness in the future? What would be our undiscovered senses ? We will question these notions through exploring with our non-visual senses, going beyond our sensorium.

Flyer design for the workshop.
[1.Artist in the Dark : 40 minutes]
What is beauty in the complete darkness?
We first started off by expressing ourself with dry-cray and things from the material pools. Participants did not know what was inside the material pool, which had things like human hair, spices and even German soldiers.
After everybody made “themselves” with dry-cray, we all passed what we made around and did a “Nice to touch you” session.

[2.Designers in the Dark : 40 minutes]
How would we design in the complete dark?
In this session we paired up and made a dress for each other.
Huge fluffy dress, tasty dress and smelly dress was made in a total chaos of everybody touching everybody.
In the end all the people was glued and entangled into one entire “dress”. We were amazed when we turned out on the light to actually know what we “looked” like.

Portrait of the outcome.
Image in the dark.
Drawing from a participant.

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